Metal Building Services

MJB Development is a construction company specializing in steel prefabricated buildings. It doesn't matter what size your business is, if you are considering a new construction project, this is the company to pick. They offer a number of different services, here is a brief description of what services they provide.

Star Metal Building Dealer And Contractor

MJB is an official Star Metal Building Systems dealer as well as contractor. Star Metal Building Systems has been in business for more than 80 years and is one of the top three companies in the world. They have four plants across the country so that no matter where you live, your building will be delivered in a timely manner. MJB Development will be to act as a liaison, so you don't have to worry about technical jargon that may be confusing. They will also walk you through the process, saving you time and money.


Construction Management

Representing the owner, the construction manager is a team that helps you with every aspect of your building project. They help you create a budget, going over what you can and can't afford. They oversee production, prepping the site, and when the building you both choose they also oversee its actual construction, keeping the project on track so your building is finished and move in ready on time. Not only the exterior, but interior construction as well. If you want to have your project done on time and well within budget, a manager is extremely important.


Construction Consultant

A consultant works with the business owner in many different ways. They will work with you to plan the building itself, and help you find ways to stay within budget without compromising structural integrity. Consultants also handle day to day operations, taking care of minor problems as they arise, so that you, the owner, can do your business without worry or distraction. If a problem does come up that may require your attention, a consultant will try to help you figure out a solution that best works for you.


Preliminary Design Work

This is where you and MJB work closely together to set up the building design itself. How large the building needs to be, what kind of extras you want, exterior, parking, lighting, etc. Here is where you are the most creative, putting in your own special features that make you business stand out above the rest. This is also what your customers and clients are going to see when they come to your business, so it is important to make a good first impression.


Building Construction Budgets

This is where the preliminary design is put to the test. You may have a tight budget, and this is where you see if your ideas are feasibly possible to make reality. Your consultant will help you take your preliminary designs and make them work within your budget. Maybe you will have to go with cheaper lighting, use different materials, and make other compromises in order for your project affordable. With our teams years of experience we can offer many options to help you design the building you need.


Insulated Metal Panel Sales

MJB Development also works with Metl Span Insulated Panels and sells their products. These are wall and ceiling panels that can keep your building cooler in the summer. They also provide specialty panels for cooler and freezer buildings. MJB works with you and your needs so you have a building that coincides with your requirements as well as your budget. Insulated panels are also a good idea to help keep heating and cooling costs down.


Metal Building Component Sales

MJB development utilizes MBCI Sales which is a company specializing in metal siding, trim, and sub framing. They have been in the business since 1976, and are a leader in the industry. While they are headquartered in Texas, MBCI has plants and offices all over the US. Single and double insulated panels are available, in many different designs and colors. MJB will help you decide which of these will go with your building and business concept the best, and fit into your budget needs.


Metal Building Insulation Sales

One of the most important aspects of any new construction is insulating your building. MJB works with one of the best insulation companies, Service Products. They specialize in Fiberglass insulation, boards, spray, and a variety of other fiberglass products. Not only are they one of the biggest makers of fiberglass insulation in the US, but are also trying to establish a large global market. Currently they have more than 30,000 customers, including MJB Development.


Interior Design

In addition to exterior building design, development and construction, MJB also provides interior design of your building if you desire. While this is a completely optional service, many businesses choose the whole package, so that their building matches both inside and out. If you need this service, MJB will work with you to meet your needs. Some businesses may have their own plans and ideas, others may need some help designing the perfect inside space.



So as you can see, if you want a full service company to help you with your metal building construction, MJB Development is the one to contact. They know all the top companies, so there is no guesswork on your part.